Family Law

Rachel Broughton is a member of Resolution, and is committed to helping you to resolve family disputes in a non-confrontational, constructive way that is designed to preserve dignity during difficult times and encourage agreement between the parties where possible.

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Separation & Divorce

Whether you are married and seeking a separation or divorce, or whether a long term relationship has come to an end, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible upon the breakdown of a relationship to ensure that you fully understand what decisions will need to be made about children, your home and your financial circumstances.  We can advise how best to deal with these matters and assist you through the divorce or separation process supporting you throughout and dealing with matters sensitively and discretely.

We can work with you and refer you to specialist mediators and Barristers to resolve matters in the way most appropriate to you.  No two relationships or families are the same and our service is individually tailored to you.

If you are not married then you may need advice about drafting a Separation Agreement which sets out how assets are to be divided.


The family Courts put the welfare of children first when considering what arrangements should be made for them following divorce.  We recommend you seek legal advice when considering what arrangements should be put in place during a separation.  It can often be invaluable to have a professional who can advise and take the heat out of situations that can be emotionally charged.  We can refer you to specialist mediators who can assist you in reaching an agreement.


The breakdown of a relationship whether that is a marriage or a cohabiting relationship, can often have a significant impact on your financial situation, property ownership and even the arrangements made in your will.

We can advise as to the approach taken by the Court’s in dealing with the financial assets of a marriage, encouraging agreement where possible but conducting court proceedings where necessary.  The family home and any pension entitlements can both be extremely valuable assets that need to be appropriately considered during the breakdown of a marriage.  If you finalise a divorce without finalising the division of matrimonial assets, your ex spouse can potentially make an application to the Court for a portion of your assets years down the line.  It is important to seek legal advice to ensure that a divorce finalises matters between you to the greatest extent possible and safeguards your interests moving forward.

It’s not all bad news…

Family law plays a role in happier times too and we can assist in drafting pre-nuptial agreements, re drafting wills to take account of your changing family circumstances and provide statutory declarations that may be required if you are about the marry abroad.


We can advise as to current Court fees applicable to applications for divorce and offer competitive fees in relation to all of our family law services, tailored to you and designed to assist you through the process in a way that best suits you.  Please contact us for more information and to make an appointment.