For Your Business

At Simmonds Hurford we can assist in a range of issues to help you and your business.  Whatever your issue, contact us to discuss how we can help.  Some examples are listed below.


Do you or your business operate under the terms of an alcohol licence?

We can advise and assist in a range of applications relating to premises or personal licenses whether in relation to initial applications, variations or events licenses.  We liaise closely with the relevant Local Authorities to assist you in ensuring that you have the relevant licenses enabling you to operate.


Commercial Lasting Powers of Attorney

Did you know that some businesses are at risk if their head becomes incapacitated and unable to make the necessary day to day decisions?  How long could your business survive if you were not able to make those crucial, day to day decisions?

It is possible to draft a Lasting Power of Attorney to deal with your day to day business affairs if you are unable to.  This can bring huge peace of mind and avoid the risks associated with a sudden and unplanned event that undermines the hard work you have put in to build your business.

Commercial Debt Chasing

Many businesses spend valuable time chasing customers who are late payers or those who want to avoid paying at all.  Simmonds Hurford offer a commercial debt chasing service taking the hassle out of ensuring that your customers make the payments due to you.

Whether you simply need a reliable service including late payment reminders and court action warnings or you would like us to bring proceedings for the recovery of a debt we can assist.  Let us take the stress out of managing problem payers.

Employment Disputes

We can offer advice and assistance when it comes to disputes between employers and employees.  Contact us to discuss.