Landlord or Tenant?

With a rising rental market the number of individuals and Companies engaged as either a landlord or a tenant is rising.  We can offer specialist advice to Landlords and Tenants alike with regards to their respective obligations under a range of residential and commercial relationships.

Residential Leases

We regularly advise Landlords and Tenants about their respective obligations under residential leases as well as advising on the relevant, and recently updated, procedure for possession proceedings relating to Assured Shorthold Tenancies under the Housing Act 1988.

Whether the issue relates to possession, breach of a tenancy agreement or lack of repair, please contact us to discuss your case.

If you would like advice about the terms of a lease, assignment or other transfers relating to land please visit our property page and contact us to discuss your requirements.

Commercial Leases

We also regularly provide advice to commercial landlords and tenants in relation to all aspects of lease agreements.  This can include arranging for the preparation of a Schedule of Dilapidations in preparation for a claim, advising on breach of tenancy agreements and negotiating the provisions for new leases where appropriate.

We can advise on the practice and procedure in relation to forfeiture and provide representation if proceedings are to be brought before the Court.

Contact us for more information and advice specific to your circumstances.