Road Traffic, Private Crime and Regulatory Representation

Rachel Broughton holds the Law Society’s Criminal Litigation Accreditation and has over ten years experience in providing representation in criminal proceedings from the Police Station to the Crown Court.

At Simmonds Hurford we offer private representation to individuals accused of a road traffic, criminal or regulatory offences.

Road Traffic Law

Did you know?

Totting up

With the number of speed cameras and mobile traps on the rise it is so very easy to find yourself amassing points on your driving licence.  Did you know that if you reach 12 points, also known as ‘Totting up’, within 3 years you will be disqualified from driving for six months unless you can argue that such action would cause exceptional hardship to yourself or those close to you?

If you have been summoned in relation to a road traffic offence and are at risk of totting up, contact Rachel today to receive advice and representation in presenting the strongest argument to the Court.  Rachel appreciates that the ability to drive can be crucial both personally and professionally.

If you passed your driving test within two years then you only need to reach 6 points before the DVLA will revoke your licence and you will be required to retake your practical AND theory tests to reobtain your full licence.

Discretionary Disqualification

When you stand convicted of any one of a number of offences including careless driving, and speeding the Magistrates retain a discretion to disqualify you from driving.

Mandatory Disqualification

When you stand convicted of any one of a number of more serious offences including dangerous driving and the aggravated taking of a motor vehicle without the owners consent, the Court will impose a mandatory disqualification upon you which will also require you to retake an extended driving test.

Expert advice is essential…

Getting specialist legal advice is critical at an early stage if you are accused of a criminal or road traffic offence.  How you answer questions or conduct yourself in the company of police or at Court can be crucial to the outcome of your case.  At a time when many people depend on their ability to drive to get to work, pay the bills and maintain their family, it is well worth instructing an expert at the earliest opportunity.

Call Rachel now to discuss your case.  We can offer competitive fees and Court representation.

Private Criminal Representation

If you have been accused of breaking the law, it is essential that you speak to a specialist solicitor as soon as possible.

Simmonds Hurford provide specialist advice and can arrange representation throughout your case.

Rachel has experience in dealing with cases as diverse as shoplifting to murder and can therefore give you invaluable advice about the law, practice and procedure as well as providing representation in the Magistrates Court.

I Never Thought I Would Need a Criminal Solicitor…Regulatory Matters

Many situations come under the expertise of the criminal solicitor.

We live close to areas of countryside protected by legislation associated with the environment, from pollution regulations to Tree Preservation Orders and planning legislation.

Cutting down that tree that has been bothering you or interfering with a badger set can leave you in hot water with the police and needing that criminal solicitor you never thought you would need to call on.

Rachel has experience defending and prosecuting regulatory offences including those under the Health & Safety At Work etc Act 1974 and under a range of Environmental and Planning Regulations.  She has dealt with cases involving fatal accidents in the work place and therefore if you are an employer under investigation by the Health and Safety Executive we can assist.  Similarly if you are an individual accused of breaching any aspect of environmental legislation call us today to discuss the issue.


Whatever your issue we can offer competitive fees and access to a range of individuals, barristers and experts who together can offer an expert team to represent your interests.